your own "made-to-measures" custom velomobile, contact us for details

every mosquito is unique and built upon order.

Each velomobile is built according to your size and weight in order to fine tune the stiffness/ damping properties of the frame.

For an extra £ the streamlined shell can be scaled according to your size.

feel free to Contact us for a quote or more details

--------------------------specifications : ------------------------

2380mm or made to measure to fit cyclists from 150cm to 190cm tall
wheel track
1060 mm
810 mm
under 21 Kg , down to 18 Kg depending on options
turning radius
5500 mm
seat angle
25-40° adjustable
20" 406 front, 16" 349 rear, handlaced
all hydraulic Hope or mechanical, 183mm or 200mm front, 180 or 160mm rear
11 speed cassette, single, double or triple chainring, custom lightweight sub 400g crankset, custom size crank arms 120-165mm
front and rear, battery or dynamo (SON, velogical)
double command push pull control system with pulleys/cables/struts compliant with JAR-VLA §685, §689 & §693
ventilation/ cooling
air intake on the nose + foot holes + access hatch, bamboo shell provides shade
removable body
wood frames, bamboo veener shell, fibreglass/epoxy, marine grade UV resistant top coat, 6 anchor points, aluminium pins
main frame
wood (selected and tested ash, spruce, douglas), Germanische Loyds approved aircraft plywood (GL1 and Q2), carbon fibre/epoxy composites, aluminium fittings and brackets (certified 7075T6351), all anodised for corrosion protection, Columbus steel hand brazed  or carbon fibre steering struts and front frame , main frame designed for ultimate loads { 4g horizontal X, 1g horizontal Y , 4g vertical Z }, wood suspension design